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You get so fucking mad at me when I throw away hundreds of items of clothing because I don’t wear it, but you don’t fucking realize that the reason why I don’t wear it, is because YOU DON’T FUCKING LET ME WEAR IT BECAUSE IT’S NOT RIGHT FOR WHATEVER FUCKING REASON

Seriously, you’re pissing me off so much today. I know it’s fucking stressful right now, BUT I ONLY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION.

Cheeky cow.

I totally understand the whole point of copyright and using someones photo without permission, but fucking hell, I’ve been trying to speak to you all in that fandom for weeks and you’ve all been ignoring me.

There are HUNDREDS of other people probably posting that photo to whatever website without the credit. It’s just because my blog is a somewhat fairly respectable fandom blog and I posted it.

I would’ve fucking asked who took the fucking photo, but you’re all fucking ignoring me, so I couldn’t possibly ever find out.

And besides, this person has gone out with a highly expensive camera, it’s a beautiful photo, a wonderful image. But if copyright really meant that fucking much to someone, they’d put a watermark on it. 

If it were a not too bad but not brilliant quality camera like mine, you wouldn’t give two shits!

I love this show and I thought I loved the fandom too but it turns out most of them are creepy arseholes.

So done with your shit.

I’m only 17, yet I know what two songs I want to be played at my funeral when I die.

Sara Bareilles - Bluebird, Paolo Nutini - Autumn and Kevin Daniel - Guarded.

To be completely honest, it kinda scares me, knowing that I’m already planning my funeral songs.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to exist anymore.

I just really don’t want to be here anymore.

Every time I’ve tried to tell my mum how upset I am, she just tells me to -and I quote-  ”stop being so fucking dramatic all the time”

She just doesn’t listen.

I decided to finish off this work and I can’t find any of it.

The deadline was a week ago, due to snow it was pushed back.

Where the fuck has this all gone.

I’ve failed Media Studies.

I’m not even meant to be studying it this year. I failed last year but one of my tutors twisted a few arms to get me back into this next year because he loved the work I created.

It’s now 3 in the morning and nothing has been done because it’s ALL GONE.

I fucked it all up.

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